Thursday, 02 September 2004 19:00

Desert Island Love

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A man and his wife are stranded on a desert island.

The wife begins to lose interest in her husband and wishes on a star that she could find another man.

The next day a man is washed on shore.

He is very handsome and he is consumed by lust for the wife.

The husband is pleased to have another man to help with work around the island.

The stranger and wife, falling in love with one another, wanted to have mad passionate sex on the beach, so he thinks of a plan.

Wanting to be safe from wildlife on the island, they decide to build a shelter high up in the trees.

The stranger worked on the roof while the husband and wife worked down on the beach.

Periodically the stranger would yell to them from the tree house, ''Hey! No having sex! Get back to work!''

At this, the couple would yell back, ''We're not having sex!''

This happened several times while he worked on the roof of the shelter, and when his turn was over, the husband took over.

With that, the stranger made love to the wife on the beach.

The husband, watching, exclaimed, ''Wow, it really does look like they're having sex from up here!'''
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