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It was the first day of school for the kindergarten class; as the teacher walked in the classroom, she noticed something was written on the chalkboard: . . . . "T TT1 A"

She looked at the children and said, "Who wrote this?" Johnny raises his hand and says, "I did, teacher."

"Well, what does that mean, Johnny?" asked the teacher. Johnny answers, "It means, 'To TheTeacher 1 Apple'," and with that, he gave the teacher an apple.

"Very good," says the teacher, "Thank you."

The next morning, the teacher walks in the classroom, and notices, once again, something written on the board. This time, the chalkboard reads:. . . "T TT1 O"

She asked the children, "Who wrote this?"

Then Mary answers, "I did, teacher."

The teacher says, "Well, Mary, what does that mean?"

Mary says, "It means, 'To TheTeacher 1 Orange'," and she gives the teacher an orange.

"Very nice, Mary, thank you", said the teacher.

The next morning, she walks in the classroom, and she noticed on the chalkboard. . . "F U C K 1 T"

Disappointed, the teacher exclaimed, "WHO WROTE THIS!!"

Then Pepito raises his hand and says, "I did, teacher."

Angrily, the teacher asks, "Well, what does this mean, Pepito?"

"It means, . . . . 'From Us Cuban Kids, 1 Tamal."
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