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Medical Computer

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Submitted By Jester

One day, Sam hurt is arm.

He went to his friend, who was a doctor, and asked him what was wrong with it. "I can't tell what's wrong with it, but there is this new computer at the pharmacy. You put a urine sample into it, and it tells you what's wrong with you, and how to cure it," his friend says.

Sam decided to try it out. He pees in a cup, goes to the pharmacy, and finds the computer. He places his urine in the computer, and pushed enter.

The Computer made some noises, and soon printed out a small piece of paper. It read: You're arm is sprained. Wrap it in an ace bandage, take 2 motrin a day (see perscription below) and don't use it for 2 weeks.

As sam was walking home, he wondered if the computer could be fooled. He decided to test it. He took a sample of his wife's lipstick, a hair from his daughter's brush, water from his dog's bowl, and some of his boogers, and mixed it together. He brought it to the pharmacy, and put it in the computer. The computer beeped, and made noise, and soon printed out a long piece of paper.

It read:
Your dog has cancer. Put it to sleep.
Your daughter is doing drugs, coke, send her to a rehablitiation center.
Your wife is pregnant, twins, both girls, their not yours, get a counselor.
And if you don't stop picking your nose, that arm is never going to get better

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