Wednesday, 31 December 2003 18:00

Green Backs in Spam

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"I am PSI. ... PSI WAN."

"That PSI, That PSI, I do not like PSI WAN."

"Do you like Green Backs in Spam?"

"I do not like them, PSI WAN,
I do not like Green Backs in Spam."

"Would you like them in your box?
Will you donate your disk blocks?

"I would not like them in my box,
I will not donate my disk blocks!
I do not like Green Backs in Spam,
I do not like them, PSI WAN."

"Do you want them in your news,
intermingled with your views?"

"I do not want them in my news;
you're way-off topic with your spews.
There is no place for them in my box,
do not dirty my disk blocks!
I really hate Green Backs in Spam,
I will not tolerate them, PSI WAN."

"We can send them via mail,
electronic or even snail!"

"I bounce your email to "abuse
at PSI dot NET" - no use!
Stay out of my news, stay off my box.
Your using up my precious blocks.
Green Backs in Spam are really bad,
and PSI sends them out like mad!"

PSI WAN merely smiled
and sent out the spam it had piled.
And through the blizzard, if you strain,
you can hear their grim refrain:
"All complaints are carefully routed
to dev slash null, in case you doubted."
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