Wednesday, 19 January 2005 18:00

The Thermos

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A blonde entered a store shopping and spotted this thing on sale.

The thing was a thermos and she asked the sales clerk what it did. The clerk replied that the thermos kept hot things hot and cold things cold.

The blonde thought that was wonderful and bought the thermos.

Next day the blonde went to work and took the thermos with her. She proudly sat the thermos on her desk.Later in the morning the blonde's boss, who was also a blonde, walked by the desk and while conversing she spotted the thermos.

The blonde boss asked the blonde employee what the thing was on her desk. The employee responded: "it's a thermos." The boss of course had to ask what it did. Again the employee responded confidently: "It keeps hot thing hot and cold things cold."

The boss was impressed. As she started to walk away the boss turned to the employee and asked: " What do you have in your thermos."

The employee responded: "A cup of hot vegetable soup and a popsicle."
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